Advance Acoustic X-A1200

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To meet the expectations of the most demanding music lovers who pay particular attention to the end result of their audio system and who devote a significant part of their leisure time to listening to music, we have created the X monophonic power amplifier -A1200.

Both by its musical performances, as by its sober and luxurious presentation, the amplifier X-A1200 immediately commands respect. A monophonic amplifier represents the ideal solution to improve the overall performance of a High-Fidelity chain.

Indeed, this principle prohibits any interaction of the supply circuits as well as of the amplifier stages between the left channel and the right channel. The high power power supply can be described as “oversized.” This term is not misused, due to the size of the mono block, from its compartmentalized design and from its electronics to the power supply relying on a toroidal transformer of 1000 VA, two power diode bridges mounted on a large heatsink and 12 capacitors of 10,000 μF each, or 120,000 μF.

Associated with 10 “very high current” power transistors (NJW0281G - NJW0302G), this power supply enables the X-A1200 amplifier to deliver a power of 450 Watts RMS on 8 Ohms and more than 700 W RMS on 4Ω.

A switch located at the rear of the device allows the X-A1200 to deliver the first Watts in class A (High Bias mode). Beyond this power, the transition to class AB is carried out automatically and gradually.

The sturdy design of the frame makes it rigid, even when the perforated steel cover is removed. The interior is compartmentalized, which, in addition to increasing rigidity, provides galvanic isolation between the various sub-assemblies, installed in a very rational manner.

Power Output 8 Ω: 450 W
Power Output 4 Ω: 700 W
Frequency Response: 10 Hz - 80 kHz
Distortion: ≤ 0.003%
S / N Ratio: ≥113db
Input Impedance Unbalance: 32 kΩ
Input Impedance Balance: 38 kΩ
Standby Power Consumption: 0.45W
Gain: 34.2db ± 1dB
Power Transformer: 1000 W
Standby: 0.42 W
Dimensions: H. 23.5 cm W. 43 cm D. 45 cm
Net Weight: 25.5 kg

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