Founded by industry pioneer Jeffery Coombs in 2009, Ambisonic Systems is a manufacturer specializing in high-output, audiophile-quality sound reinforcement loudspeakers. With over 64 years experience designing professional and high-end loudspeakers—specializing in ribbon line arrays—the company’s engineering team is renown for their innovative concepts, breakthrough products and great sounding speakers. Ambisonic Systems "ProAudiophile" Loudspeakers feature proprietary True Coaxial Line Arrays and advanced Planar Magnetic Ribbon Driver (PMRD) technologies that deliver high-output yet silky-smooth sound that is evenly controlled from the front row to the back. A unique waveguide design allows for wide, 110-degree horizontal audience coverage while the massive motor structures of the efficient, high-impact subwoofers contribute to full-range sound reproduction. The company’s sound systems represent the pinnacle of high-quality sound reinforcement for live venues, houses of worship, performing arts theaters, auditoriums, outdoor arenas and more. Ambisonic Systems is committed to leading the way in professional sound reinforcement.


Online Pricing

Due to Ambisonic's restricted online pricing policy, we are unable to display prices online. However please contact us to discuss any landscape/garden audio design needs or for a quote on any Ambisonic products. Showroom demonstration available in Caringbah NSW, please contact us to make an appointment.


Landscape Ribbon (LSR)

Outdoor planar magnetic drivers, high Performance, low distortion, magnificent listening. Born for the elements, made to sound otherworldly. The Landscape Ribbon (LSR) is the first primarily residential loudspeaker developed by Ambisonic Systems. With a custom weatherized planar tweeter and a neodymium driver, these speakers are never harsh, even at full volume. Plus, you can push them as loud as you want, they're built for that. The Landscape Ribbon Six (LSR6) and Landscape Ribbon Eight (LSR8) are deceptively loud for their small size and format. It's because they contain our audiophile-grade weatherized magnetic planar driver, which is one of a kind, unavailable elsewhere. This high-frequency driver is expertly voiced with a woven glass-fiber woofer to produce clear, eloquent audio reproduction at any volume. The final product is weather-ready, IPx5 rated, and is available both in 8-ohm and with a high-quality transparent 70v transformer on-board.


Bollard 10

Crafted in the USA, the Bollard 10 is a high-output burial speaker with a customizable designer profile. Available in a round or square design, the sturdy weatherized cabinets are anodized in either a black, silver, or gold finish. Like many of our speakers, the Bollard 10 incorporates our proprietary magnetic planar driver, but in a unique conical ribbon design. Standing over 3″ tall, these eye-catching speakers sound as amazing as they look. All Ambisonic ribbon tweeters are proprietary, and designed in-house. The Bollard 10 6″ ribbon is the premiere of high-power, all-weather wide-dispersion planar magnetic drivers. This robust linear design allows for precise sound reproduction even at earth-moving volumes.


All Weather Subwoofers


Our subwoofers are appropriate for the club, a small venue, and your backyard. Using only the finest Italian woofers and patented 100/70v transformers, these models can produce surprisingly low frequencies, even at lesser volumes. We use the same European drivers and precise cabinet configurations for both our above and below surface subwoofers. With AES ratings up to 1000W and robust, weatherized finishes, these USA crafted models are as durable as they are remarkable.


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