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Each product, every process, at Origin Acoustics has its roots in a Riverside, California hi-fi shop. From the meticulous obsession with perfection to the love of great sound, we've led the industry with innovation and experience since the beginning. Origin continues to grow, evolve and innovate, bringing to market the most advanced sonic solutions available anywhere. As we gaze into a very bright future, technologies will change and new ideas will become reality. And through it, all the focus will remain as crystal clear as it has been since the beginning. It’s all about the music.


Online Pricing

Due to Origin Acoustics' restricted online pricing policy, we are unable to display prices online. However please contact us to discuss any room/garden audio design needs or for a quote on any Origin Acoustic products. Showroom demonstration available in Caringbah NSW, please contact us to make an appointment.


Premium In-Ceiling "Director" Collection

You've earned this, a beautiful home with a fantastic sound system to match. One that doesn't affect your carefully curated aesthetic but doesn't compromise either. From room to room, consistent, detailed music follows you at just the right volume. So whether you're enjoying coveted downtime or hosting a dinner for all your friends, the ambiance is perfect.

The Director Collection from Origin Acoustics is for your moments. We work closely with musicians and audiophiles to root out what amazes and frustrates them. The experience needs to be as accurate and pure as the original recordings, and we've made it our directive to provide just that. Full-bodied, smooth audio that artfully emerges from the walls and ceilings.


Marine "Explorer" Collection

Origin Acoustics’ Explorer Collection offers a musical experience that is unparalleled in premium installations. Due to Origin Acoustics’ dedication to not only sound reproduction but to functionality and aesthetics, there is no better choice for your yacht or water-front property. Our loudspeakers disappear into their surroundings while maintaining a maritime weatherproof seal on your bulkheads and ceilings. Coupled with our DSP amplifiers and expert installation, the Explorer Collection delivers a first-class audio adventure.


ThinFit Collection

The ThinFit Collection mounts with less than two inches of clearance, perfect for those oh-no moments when there's a surprise behind the drywall. The multiple woven glass-fiber woofers provide a surprising amount of low-end and volume, with the clarity and musicality you expect from Origin Acoustics. Available in three designs, two for ceiling applications and one D'Appolito model for in-wall use.


Minimal Opening Collection

Small Loudspeaker. Huge Sound.

The minimal opening system was created to deliver amazing sound within the most restrictive environments. This in-ceiling audio system mimics the appearance of 4″ designer lighting while delivering world-class sound.


Standard Mounting In-Wall "Composer" Collection

Drawing upon the ancient mathematical and artistic Golden Ratio, our thin-line speakers have been designed with a sleek and stylish rectangular profile, making the speakers much more attractive in appearance to the bulky footprint of traditional in-wall speakers. Rather than obstructing the look of accompanying frameless TVs, the Composer Collection complements the room with a modern and slim bezel-less frame. Regardless of form, the fit and finish of Origin speakers are as clean and impressive as their sound quality. Once installed the speakers become a part of the environment where they disappear unless, of course, your pride of ownership moves you to point them out.


Architectural Subwoofers

We specialize in producing niche products that are required to create stunning architectural audio installations. Our in-wall and in-ceiling subwoofers are part of those solutions, practically invisible hidden behind drywall and still punchy and deep for when the time is right.


Outdoor Speakers

That time spent in your backyard, when the weather is perfect and you're surrounded by the people you love, that's the moment we designed these loudspeakers for. The high-quality weatherproof enclosures ensure that you'll always have just the right musical ambiance when you need it. Our detail-driven digital signal processing 70v Amplifiers purify your sound while providing long-range rock-solid power. And as the designers of the first luxury bollard loudspeaker, you can look and sound great in a sleek aluminum finish.

Origin PRO Professional Commercial Series

As Origin Acoustics has grown to become an industry leader in the residential audio space, we’ve made a lot of friends that share our passion for custom integration and pushing the boundary. Driven by a passion to simplify acoustic integration, we’ve created Origin PRO and partnered up with elite companies to extend into the commercial landscape with the same great care and promise to deliver dependable products that have come to be expected.


Powered Subwoofers

Impact is the edge of your seat moment, just before the world explodes in your favorite sci-fi flick. It is that solitary heartbeat before the bass drops and you dance your heart out in front of the dog and cat. Impact is when the sound rattles your chest and turns your legs to jelly. You need an astonishing subwoofer to capture those moments. Origin Acoustics Powered Subwoofers.


Amplifiers "The Foundation" Collection

Great sound and durability are the hallmarks of Origin amplifiers. For your system, regardless of its size or complexity, amplification is the critical tool that needs to perform all the time, every time. These amplifiers resoundingly answer the call.


InstaWidth Soundbar Collection

A slight departure from traditional architectural loudspeakers, soundbars are a new necessity. Simple to install, our passive soundbars are a massive improvement over your flat panel's internal audio system. Add a floor standing or architectural subwoofer, and you'll be enjoying your television like never before.


Home Cinema Marquee Collection


We’ve took the most brilliant, experienced architectural loudspeaker engineers and asked them to design the ultimate home theater system. The result is simply stunning. The Marquee Collection will exceed your expectations in every facet. Available both with both slim on-wall and nearly invisible in-wall configurations, they are easier to install than any other home theater systems in their class. That doesn’t mean they won’t blow you away. Between the powerful sub-woofer options, the ultra-sensitive custom drivers, and the high-pressure horn-loaded titanium tweeters, there’s an amazing home theater experience waiting for you with the Marquee Collection.

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